Project: Mechanical Room


Quickly document large areas


More accurate than standard as-built line drawings


Ability to export images and videos


Asset management using Mattertags


Pointcloud extraction for design

The Problem

As-built drawings were inaccurate, missing, or not up to date. New operators were not able to be properly trained, and design projects were slowed due to continuous site visits.

The Solution

A Matterport Pro2 3D camera was used in concert with a Faro Focus 3D laser scanner to document the entire facility, generating a virtual presentation of their facility as well as a design-ready 3D pointcloud.

The Results

The resulting projects were linked to the Plant’s Computerized Operations and Maintenance Manual (COMM) and their internal asset management program. By doing this, operators are able to easily navigate between the 4 platforms with a click of a mouse.

  • Safety Increased 80% 80%
  • Cost Effectiveness 95% 95%
  • On-site maintenance 85% 85%